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Welcome to the website of Lambeth Liberal Democrats

Welcome to our website. Here you can find news, views, and contact information for Liberal Democrat campaigners in Lambeth

Latest News

  • Article: Jan 12, 2017

    Labour Lambeth may be slow at most things but notching-up a yearly limit for pollution levels in Brixton by 6th January 2017 must count as something of a record.

    According to the Evening Standard, the Brixton Road air quality monitor has apparently already exceeded more than 20 hourly readings showing higher than 200 micrograms of nitrogen dioxide per cubic metre since the comrades sang Auld Lang Syne.

  • Article: Jan 10, 2017

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, Transport for London is pressing ahead regardless with its previously announced plans to axe the popular and iconic bus garage at Vauxhall Cross which opened in December 2004.

    The nine stand bus garage is the second busiest in London and cost £4.5 million to build -yet may cost at least £50 million to demolish and redevelop. Designed by world renowned Arup Associates with signature ski-slope canopies incorporating photo-voltaic cells to power the site, the proposal to sweep all of this away has been condemned by local residents, transport users, Liberal Democrats and the 20th Century Society.

  • Article: Jan 5, 2017

    Following a freedom of information request Labour-run Lambeth Council has been told that it is in the Public Interest for Lambeth to reveal previously secret financial viability assessments on its New Town Hall development in Brixton.

    This ruling of the Information Commissioner follows previous refusals to reveal detail of the Council's deal with Muse Developments to provide the vast new office complex now being constructed next to the original Town Hall.

  • Article: Jan 5, 2017

    Residents of Cressingham Gardens remain in fighting mood after losing the latest High Court battle to save the much-loved Tulse Hill estate from Labour Lambeth's bulldozers.

    They have vowed to fight on after losing a Judicial Review into the decision by Lambeth to demolish the entire estate.

    The residents had challenged the Council for ignoring an option voted on by tenants to restore the estate overlooking Brockwell Park and instead chosing to plough ahead with its proposed demolition and redevelopment.

    The council's decision also flies in the face of Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan's London-wide Consultation Guide on Homes For Londoners and Estate Regeneration which suggests demolition only as a last resort.

    Lambeth, like many Labour-run councils across London, are waking up to the fact that there is a housing crisis by driving bulldozers through estates that need only modest investment. And this is despite Lambeth receiving the biggest grant in history from the Coalition Government to repair and upgrade the council homes it controls.

    Cressingham Gardens critics have rounded on the Labour-run Council saying that their flawed and mismanaged plan would actually make the housing crisis worse because a majority of the homes built would be for the private market although the Council says it would 'aim' to let 27 of the additional 148 flats at council rent levels. However no guarantee has come forward that existing residents would be prioritised for the new homes.

    And existing leaseholders would face being driven out completely, being unable to afford the replacement homes.

    Lambeth seems hell-bent on replacing much of its publicly-owned housing stock through dodgy deals with developers who will not even declare their profits to councillors on the planning committee so that they can decide on whether the small proportion of homes being offered for rent is justifiable or not.

    Lib Dem former councillor Jeremy Clyne won a landmark legal judgement recently (the 'Clyne Decision') at an Information Tribunal which concluded that it was "in the public interest" for developers to fully disclose their viability information including profits.

    Labour seems all too ready to sweep the need for decent affordable housing under a carpet that is situated outside Lambeth so that it can rake in the money from the acres of high-rise private properties that are being rushed through its decision-making processes.

    Such high-handed actions smack too much of the bulldozer themselves and Lambeth needs to listen far more to the people it claims to represent.

  • Article: Nov 14, 2016

    Everyone agrees that there is an acute housing crisis and a shortfall of decent affordable housing. Yet almost every major application that comes forward from developers is shrouded in impenetrable financial fog. Getting developers to provide sufficient social housing within their grandiose private schemes is, at best, an uphill task but getting them to provide hard evidence that this is somehow unaffordable is like extracting teeth.

  • Article: Nov 4, 2016

    Enthusiasts and supporters of the iconic Brixton Recreation Centre will be delighted to learn that Historic England has awarded it a Grade 11 listing for its special architectural and historic interest. Campaigners for the building put it forward for listing in May of this year.

    This is a notable achievement and the listing recognises the centre's unusual and dynamic architecture, its status as a major public building of the period and its significance within the community. Designed in 1970 by an in-house team of Lambeth Council Architects led by George Finch various political and financial travails beset it for some time afterwards so that the centre finally opened its doors for the first time in 1985.

  • Article: Nov 4, 2016

    We're not surprised that bungling Labour politicians have finally cancelled Lambeth's sole remaining borough firework display in Brockwell Park. These mean-minded party-poopers have been reigning back on family fun for years - not long ago Lambeth offered several free public firework displays.

    Last year we were down to one - and you had to pay for it. Proving that Labour couldn't organise a pyrotechnic display in a park let alone a drink-up in a brewery 21,000 tickets remained unsold which left the parks budget £28,000 in the red which no doubt had to suffer more indignities from Labour's pruning saw.

  • Article: Oct 21, 2016

    In January 2013 a helicopter hit St George's Tower in Vauxhall sadly killing the pilot and a pedestrian on the Wandsworth Road. Many concluded that it could all have been so much worse.

    Since then tower blocks have been springing up in the same area like mushrooms on a dewy morning and more are planned. So you might think that all of this vertiginous living had been approved so as to make the future potential conflict with low-flying helicopters impossible.

  • Article: Sep 21, 2016

    Labour-run Lambeth has a long and sad history of poor practice regarding children in its care and Ofsted's latest report suggests that the beleaguered authority is still not getting to grips with the situation nearly fast enough.

    True to form, Lambeth has appointed some new senior management but its social workers on the front line are left struggling with problematic case workloads often going back many years. The report suggests that many social workers have over 20 child assessment cases to deal with at any one time and that too few staff means that agency staff are routinely employed to fill the gaps leading to further inconsistency as well as higher costs to the local taxpayer.

  • Article: Sep 7, 2016

    We hear there's a proposal to build an open-air theatre in Brockwell Park. Only a proposal, mind. And advanced by a theatre-loving local in Herne Hill with claims that this £10 Million project would be beneficial to community groups and an artistic encouragement to those on low incomes. A win-win idea, surely, that ticks lots of boxes?

Caroline Pidgeon